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Teratology Primer:
Book on birth defects research now available

The Teratology Society has recently published a book titled: Teratology Primer, in order to raise awareness about the field of teratology. Intended as an overview of the field, the book provides a considerable amount of information and references with a collection of interesting and current topics regarding birth defects written by experts in their areas of specialty.

Teratology Primer addresses issues such as explaining how exposure to chemical or physical agents can cause malformations, how exposure to germ cells can affect pregnancy outcome, what infections increase the risk of birth defects, and what are the affects of alcohol use during pregnancy.

The book is intended mainly for students to understand the career choices available in the field of teratology. The Teratology Society has made this book free of charge for college students, medical and grad students, and residents. The book is also available at a nominal cost of $10 to those who are not in training.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of the Teratology Primer for your students/residents or would like to purchase a copy for yourself please complete the order form below, or contact the Teratology Society Business Office at or (703) 438-3104.

Members of the Teratology Society may order copies by completing the order form or download the Primer at:


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