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Teratology Society Council Meeting IB
Keystone, Colorado
June 30, 1999

Council reconvened at 7:03 AM on June 30, 1999. In attendance were Tony Scialli, Phil Mirkes, Dave Wise, Bob Kavlock, Jan Friedman, Rick Finnell, Barbara Hales, George Daston, Tonia Masson, Tom Knudsen, John Rogers and Bob Seegmiller. Tony Scialli presided.

Societal Participation Committee:

Tony related a conversation with Steve Harris, who sees a need for continuing the work of the ad hoc Societal Participation Committee and has offered to head up the committee. George suggested that a description of the committee’s activities be proposed by Steve and approved by Council.

Action item: Tony will ask Steve to write a specific description as to what he thinks needs to be done and propose a new name for the committee. Ad hoc members of this committee would be appointed by the President (George). Jan suggested that Steve put together his own frame of reference and present it to Council.

Student Affairs Committee: Bob Parker (see Report 1)

The discussion focused on the awards to be presented to student members. Jan questioned what is being done to convert students to full-time members. The business office sends out letters inquiring changes in student status. The Membership Committee was charged with facilitating the process of member retention.

Motion: Phil moved that students who are transitioning to a job should be offered a year's membership free. George seconded the motion. The motion was amended such that the offer would be carried out on an annual basis; motion carries.

Nominations and Elections: Tom Flynn (see Report 2)

Tom reported on the results of the election. He also provided a timeline under which his committee worked. This may be helpful to future committees.

As a cost-savings measure, Tony suggested that George look into combining future mailings of ballots with other Society mailings. It was noted that according to the Constitution, the Secretary should be involved in counting the ballots. George pointed out that this involvement consisted of endorsing the ballot counts, but that the counting has traditionally been done by the office staff. Barbara pointed out the need to have women on the ballots. Tony confirmed that men and women alike be considered for elected offices.

Publications Committee: Bill Slikker (see Report 3)

The following items were discussed: Turn-around time of Journal submissions could be improved by following the suggestions given to the editor, e.g., informing section editors, ahead of time, with job descriptions. Further discussion took place about the Wilson Publication Award for the best paper published in Teratology each year. One concern was appointing a group to judge the papers. George said that a screening mechanism is already in place with the availability of associate editors and reviewers

George has requested that the Publications Committee, with Bill Slikker as chair, interface with the publisher. The current contract with the publisher expires in 2004. There may be an opportunity to renegotiate aspects of the contract that we now find to be unfavorable. The committee plans to meet during the Keystone meetings with Wiley Liss representative Nancy Olsen concerning issues that need to be altered/resolved.

Liaison Committee: Karen Filkins:

The purpose of this committee is to represent our society to other societies to strengthen our purpose, e.g., to strengthen our relationship with ACOG (gynecologists). Efforts in this area might encourage journal subscription, membership in our society, and common meeting sites. A goal of one to two years should be set in this regard. Barbara suggested that this committee make a conscious effort to update and improve the liaison list. Dave suggested that we target a few immediately to develop joint symposia. Karen accepted the responsibility of pulling together joint symposia, etc.

Action Item: George will talk with Mike Cunningham about his action and response to the cleft palate group.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Deborah Hansen

A discussion revolved around being able to pass future increases in cost of the journal to members independently from the cost of the dues. Concerning the consideration to rewrite the constitution and bylaws, George will review this document and then make a recommendation to Council. Jan suggested taking into consideration concerns of the Society business office as well as past president's concerns.

Miscellaneous business: George Daston

George will submit a list of committee assignments:

Education Committee Report: Melissa Tassinari

Tony will talk to Narsingh to see if he has any recommendations concerning funding for the Continuing Education course.

Miscellaneous business

Regarding the Fraser New Investigator award, Rick Finnell is not certain the process of selecting candidates is working well. Dave suggested that we should inform the Society repeatedly about the need for nominations. Barbara suggested that nominations be provided, even if from Council.

Motion to adjourn (George), seconded by Bob K., at 10:41 am.






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