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Teratology Society Council Meeting II
San Diego Paradise Point (Princess) Resort
June 25, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 5:20 PM PT on June 25 1998. In attendance were Tony Scialli, Bob Seegmiller, Ken Jones, Dave Wise, Nancy Dieter, George Daston, Phil Mirkes, Rick Finnell, John Rogers, and Barbara Hales. Tony presided over the meeting.

Society Logo-Tony: There is a need for a new logo, one that represents the Society well. Barbara and Rick mentioned logo designers. George suggested that we are not going to get a consensus on this issue unless it comes from something ad hoc and that it be credible to the general membership. Tony asked Phil to reconvene the Strategic Planning Committee to consider if a logo change would make a name change unnecessary. Tony will consider requesting logo ideas in the next issue of the Newsletter.

Honorary Membership-Tony: Consider honorary member, whether member of the Society or not. The criteria is someone who had made a substantial contribution to the field of teratology. Barbara suggested that we establish a procedure for nominating such honorary member. Required is unanimous vote by Council and a simple majority vote at the Annual Business Meeting. This issue was referred to the Membership Committee for implementation.

Member Dues: Phil moved that associate member dues equal the cost of the journal plus $10.00. Dave seconded, motion carried. Carol Kimmel and Mason Barr continue to represent the Society at IFTS, George moved to ask them again, Rick seconded, motion carried.

Other Business: Tony suggested that a policy be established for compensating guest speakers. George proposed that non-members who are invited to be a symposium speaker be given two compensation nights lodging, up to $50.00 per diem expenses for two days, $200 honorarium, registration fee and air fare. Dave seconded, motion carried.

George proposed that members who are invited to be symposium speakers receive a $200 honorarium and one compensation night. Phil seconded, motion was defeated.

Phil moved that members who are invited to be symposium speakers get one compensation night and no honorarium, Ken seconded, motion carried.

George proposed that non-member Continuing Education Speakers be given $200 honorarium, two compensation nights, two days per diem expenses up to $50 and air fare. Phil seconded, motion carried.

George proposed that members who are Continuing Education Speakers be given $200 honorarium and compensation nights equaling the number days of the course. Barbara seconded, motion carried.

Nancy reported that 377 individuals registered plus 38 on-site registrants equals 415 total registrants.

Tony will talk to George, read the contract about raising rate, sold to member at price determined jointly by Wiley Liss and Society. $49.00 price is up this year after three years. Our contract with them will continue until 2004. Phil recommended that Tony get legal advice. Council advised that we are not in a position to accept a rate increase to $60. because we are not filling page budget and it is too late to raise the member's dues.

Dave inquired about MARTA becoming affiliated with the Teratology Society as a regional Society, to be called Middle Atlantic Teratology Society. Council saw no problem, and saw mutual benefit with such arrangement.

Date for Interim Meeting: Interim Council Meeting will be held in Baltimore Maryland, November 6, first Friday in November, starting early in the morning. Phil suggested developing an agenda ahead of time and circulating it among Council members. Tony suggested that if conditions are such, business could be conducted via conference call.

Motion to adjourn at 6:30 PM.






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