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Teratology Society Business Meeting
San Diego Paradise Point (Princess) Resort
June 23, 1998

Phil Mirkes called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM PT. Approximately 150 members were in attendance.

Secretary's Report: Bob Seegmiller reported that the Society currently has 811 members, most of whom are regular members. Ninety members (most of whom are regular members) are delinquent in their dues as of this date. It was also mentioned that the minutes of Council meetings can be found on the Website for perusal.

A brief eulogy was given for the members of our Society who had died during the past year: Franz W Rosa (USFDA), eulogized by Ken Jones; Richard Blandau (University of Washington) by Tom Shepard, Anthony Lipson (New Children's Hospital, Sidney Australia) by John Graham, Marie Taubeneck (University of Davis) by George Daston. It was learned that Chester Swinyard of California had also passed away. A moment of silence was given in respect to these individuals.

Vice President's Report: Tony Scialli suggested that Exhibitors' presence at our meetings benefits the Society in many ways, one of which is cost reduction to the meetings.

Annual Meeting Update: Tony announced the Keystone meeting, June 28-July 5, 1999. The Continuing Education Course would be held during the afternoon of June 28 through the morning of the 29th. The meetings would begin on the afternoon of the 29th and continue to Saturday, July 3rd. A social program would be held on Sunday July 4th, which would include family oriented activities. Monday the 5th (a holiday) would be reserved for travel. To help our planning, Tony asked for a show of hands who would be going to Keystone. It appeared that the majority present at the meeting would be attending next year's meeting, with most of them indicating that they would stay-over on the 4th. Tony reminded everyone that if we don't meet the room nights guarantee, we still pay.

Vice President Elect's Report: George Daston mentioned the transition of management and encouraged everyone to become acquainted with Nancy Dieter. FASEB has accepted us officially as an associate member. He mentioned our right to appoint people to PAC committees and attend biomedical consensus conferences-Elaine Francis and Tom Knudsen have agreed to represent our Society to FASEB. Our members can now receive their journal and obtain membership at member rates. George requested input on future meetings compared to the current meeting.

Nominations and Elections Committee: Patty Rodier announced results of election, VP Elect = Robert Kavlock, Treasurer = John Rogers, Council = David Wise.

Education Committee: Craig Harris reviewed the Continuing Education course. He mentioned that most of the instructors came from outside the Society. There were 140 participants, slightly less than last year. He acknowledged his Committee members and Hoffmann La Roche and Pfizer for their contributions. Narsingh Agnish of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. suggested that a few years hence the Society may want to look to others for course support in anticipation of his retirement.

Public Affairs Committee: Jan Friedman gave a brief synopsis on the Thalidomide symposium. Next year's symposium will be on postmarketing surveillance of drugs. He mentioned that the Committee is developing consensus statements on thalidomide treatment, hormone disrupters, use of high-dose vitamin A, rubella and alcohol consumption in pregnant women.

Publications: Karen Augustine has been in active communication with Wiley-Liss, Council and the Editor of Teratology. She offered several suggestions for change (see recent Council IB minutes-Publications).

Treasurer's Report: Elaine Francis showed some elaborate charts indicating where the revenue and expenses to the Society come from. She indicated that this year there was $40,000 more income while the expenses are less than the previous year. Regarding the transition to new management, she thanked the Executive Office of last year (Eve Kagen and Carol Lemire) and commended the new management group. Tony Scialli moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, Jim Hanson seconded, motion carried and the Treasurer's report was approved by consensus.

Membership Committee: Karen Filkins reported 37 regular applications, 36 approved; 9 associate applications; and 1 student application. Tony moved to accept the new applications, George seconded, motion carried. Much discussion ensued concerning a change in membership status, i.e. student to associate or full. Karen indicated that this change in status would require new forms and a change in bylaws. This change would not require a new letter, just updated CVs plus two sponsors. In addition, a change in the bylaws is needed permitting emeritus individuals to have the journal at the base price of the journal. For further information, see Council IB (June 21, 1998) minutes under Membership.

Editor in Chief: Lew Holmes discussed the flow of manuscripts, i.e., 44 were transferred from Tom Sadler, of those submitted since January 1998. Efforts are being made to increase manuscript submission and letters to the editor. He indicated that support by Wiley Liss has been good, that he has received positive interaction from them. Lew discussed the need for potential reviewers; he also discussed controversies concerning which system should be adopted, i.e., section editors vs. associate editors. He closed by encouraging submission to the Journal.

President's Report: Phil Mirkes mentioned the advances that are being made in our field, viz., birth defects prevention act, birth defects initiative, and Societal initiatives, e.g., membership in FASEB which will buy us legislative clout. He also mentioned the Teratology Primer for first year medical students and undergraduates that Barbara Hales has offered to compile and make available first on the Website and then perhaps in hardcopy.

Phil mentioned our need to interact formally with allied societies such as SDB and CPCRF, and that this may come to fruition soon. He briefly touched upon the following issues: Societal Financing needs improvement, Societal advocacy, Where will the next genertion of teratologists be trained, Tom Shepard will write a forty-year history of our Society, Website committee to be thanked (Dave Wise mentioned that the firewall will be fixed by July and that Webmaster Bill Landon is to be thanked; on-line abstracts, Council supported on-line registration; Bob Brent suggested Council be the reviewing body as to the quality of information put on the Website).

Three amendments were presented to the members present for discussion and approval. David Beckman, chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee presented the following:

Proposed change (underlined) in membership application process: A list of applicants meeting the requirements for membership will be transmitted to the Secretary during the first week in February, June, and October. The lists are transmitted to the membership, who will have thirty (30) days to respond. Responses shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee. Its recommendations will be submitted to the Council for approval. Dues shall be one-half of the annual amount for memberships beginning July 1st and continuing thereafter.
Bob Brent stated that it will be important to have on-line membership to look at. This will be put in the newsletter.

The proposed change (see October 17 Council minutes) in mission statement was discussed. The proposed change in membership application process and the proposed change in mission statement will be submitted in a ballot for a membership vote.

Proposed change (underlined) in name of Society: This Society shall be known as the Birth Defects Research Society.

Much discussion ensued with sentiment highly mixed. James Hanson moved to table the proposed change and to have this issue considered for further discussion. The motion carried. Motion to adjourn at 6:20 PM.






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