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The Breakers
Palm Beach, FL
June 26, 1997

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM EDT on June 26 1997. In attendance were Jose Cordero, Phil Mirkes, Carol Lemire, Bob Seegmiller, Anthony Scialli, Tom Sadler, Jan Friedman, Elaine Francis, George Daston, Bill Slikker, and Barbara Hale. Robert Kavlock attended the first part of the meeting by speaker phone. Tom Sadler, Jan Friedman and Carol Lemire were in attendance ex officio. Dr. Mirkes presided over the Council meeting.

Student Affairs Committee—Alan Fantel
Of twenty students who submitted papers, eight were invited to present their research Jan Markham of Eli Lilly participated in the selection of students for the two Eli Lilly student travel awards. Concerning the Lilly Award, it was recommended that a procedure for selecting awardees be written up. Barbara Hales recommended that if Lilly wants to award selected individuals, that the Teratology Society should make the awards distinct. Tony Scialli moved that each of the students who are invited to present papers receive gratis membership in the Society, and that he would check to see if the expense could be covered by the Wilson Award Fund. Motion carried. Barbara Hales suggested that a critical mass of student applicants to choose from was necessary. Phil Mirkes suggested the need for a committee dealing with student presentations. Tony Scialli was asked to put together a plan regarding student issues as they relate to future meetings.

Nomination and Elections Committee
Phil Mirkes proposed that Pat Wieir be on the Nomination and Election Committee as chair, Pat Rodeir and Jan Friedman as members, Bill Slikker as council liaison, and Jose Cordero as past president member. George Daston proposed that this committee be comprised of members who have broad backgrounds. Phil Mirkes suggested that each constituency be representative of the Society membership, and that the representative proportions be put in writing. Recommendation was made by Tom Sadler to increase the committee membership by one, totaling six, including the ex officio council member. Barbara Hales suggested that more effective communication between Strategic Planning and Finance and Membership Committees be fostered. George Daston suggested that we institute a specific policy concerning the longevity of ad hoc committees. Jan Friedman suggested that schedule conflicts among the different committee meetings be coordinated. Tony Scialli's job as Program Committee chair is to ensure that future scheduling conflicts be avoided.

Society Name Change:
Phil Mirkes advised that such issue will require a constitutional change, that the first issue is the legality of such change, and the second issue is to submit to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee an outline of what Council thinks best to do in this regard. Tony Scialli was advised to use the existing Strategic Planning Committee modified to include Tom Saddler, John Rogers, Craig Harris, Michael Cunningham, and Godfrey Oakley.

Phil Mirkes proposed the following schedule of events concerning the name change:
Fall, 1997--- announce Council's recommendation via newsletter to Society membership
April 21, 1998---solicit written comments from membership
June 7, 1998---members not planning to be in attendance at Society meetings must submit their comments in writing
June, 1998 Business Meeting ---discussion of membership response
July, 1998 Constitution &Bylaws Committee---draft the language to be put on the ballot
August 25, 1998---send ballots to membership
October 25, 1998---ballots to be returned
November 25, 1998---Society membership will be apprised of ballot results

Society Business Management Plans:
Before negotiating a final contract with business management firm, council should give the ad hoc committee in charge the necessary input, e.g., recommendations concerning spending cap, billable hours, etc. George Daston suggested that the transition is not going to be easy, that everyone has a responsibility to contain costs and to develop a budget and stay within it. Recommendation was made to use SOT as a resource since arrangements with the same business management firm appears to be working for their society.

Treasurers Report—Elaine Francis
There is a need to more vigorously pursue fund-raising for the Society. Treasurer felt that previous efforts had been hampered by having more than one committee charged with this activity. It was recommended that the Finance Committee, a standing committee, be charged with the responsibility to raise funds. David Wise will submit a list of names of individual companies who would accept a letter soliciting funding support to the Society. Jose Cordera indicated a dilemma in overlapping responsibilities and so moved that where two or more groups are working on the same issue, e.g., financial issues has three groups working independently where only one is needed, that redundant ad hoc committees be terminated. Motion seconded by Barbara Hales. Motion passed.

Miscellaneous recommendations and action items
Open up committee meetings where possible to attendance by Society members. George Dearlove is to be contacted regarding the booth at SOT and the young investigators awards. Nominations Committee should provide more than one candidate for each voted position. Tony Scialli is to provide the Secretary with ideas that are to be referred to the various committees. Bill Slikker stated that the Education Committee needs to ensure that proper instruction be given at the Continuation Education Course meetings; strategic planning is needed concerning how to incorporate new science information into our Society---need to look into all possibilities, not just molecular biology, but incorporate many ideas. Jose Cordera proposed that the Society consider alternative ways to get other scientists to apply to our society for membership, and to simplify the membership-acceptance procedure. Tony Scialli offered to look at the possibility of considering the members of sister societies for full membership. Bill Slikker proposed that NBTS, BT and OTIS exchange calendars of events, meeting schedules, etc. Elaine Francis raised the following concerns: total reserved room number varies considerably, e.g., 400 at Palm Beach vs. 300 at Keystone, with recommendation that Council look at current and past hotel reservation tallies to help plan for the San Diego and other future meetings.

Motion to adjourn at 6:00 PM.




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