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August 27, 1996

The call was initiated at 3:00 PM EDT. On the line were Jose Cordero, Phil Mirkes, Tony Scialli, Elaine Francis, Barbara Hales, Bill Slikker, Jan Friedman, Carol Lemire (ex officio) and George Daston. Dr. Cordero presided.

Dr. Cordero stated that the purpose of the call was to update Council on negotiations with Keystone Resort and to make a decision as to whether to accept their offer for a 1999 meeting.

Dr. Scialli informed Council that our attorney, Lynn Fleischer, had reviewed the contract and found it to be reasonable. Dr. Scialli informed Council of his negotiations, including a 10% decrease in the room guarantee for each type of room. The ceiling for the room rate will be a percentage of the rack room rate for 1999. The exact percentage will depend on how much we agree to spend on the banquet. The amount of free meeting space that we will be granted is still under negotation. The cost for poster boards has changed from $10 per day to $75 for the entire meeting. The cost of the banquet will increase, but there will be a specified ceiling. Finally, the last night of proposed room occupancy has been removed.

Dr. Francis requested that a clause be added to the contract to allow us to decrease our room night obligation one year prior to the meeting. Also, in 1996 we were granted one free room night for every 50 occupied. This was not included in the 1999 contract. Dr. Scialli will ask that these be included.

Council gave Dr. Scialli its approval to negotiate the most favorable contract he could with Keystone.

Dr. Scialli reported that he was drafting a communication that would be sent out to the membership describing the resolution of this issue. It will either be included in the next issue of the newsletter, or mailed concurrently.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

George P. Daston

Secretary, Teratology Society






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