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Council Meeting I-A

Omni William Penn Hotel
Pittsburgh, PA
June 23, 2007


Participating – President E. Faustman, Vice President T. Knudsen, Secretary D. Hansen, Treasurer I. Washington, Councilors E. Carney, K. Filkins, and M. Tassinari, and the Publications Committee Chair M. Collins and Executive Director T. Masson. The meeting was called to order at 9:03 AM (EDT).

President’s Report:  Elaine reported that the service recognition for those members retiring from Council would be done at the evening session.  The agenda for the Business Meeting on Wednesday evening was reviewed and approved.  She then discussed the key activities over the last year.  The first of these was the Strategic Planning Meeting which went well and will be presented to the membership at the Issues Forum on Tuesday evening.  The second activity was the search for a new editor for BDRA which is nearly complete.  The third activity was the resolution of the IFTS resources.  The fourth activity was the lack of representation by FASEB at this year’s annual meeting.  The final activity was the challenge presented by the undelivered ballots for this year’s election.  For the final point, she suggested that we consider going to a web-based election system. 

M. Tassinari moved that the Constitution and By-Laws Committee be charged with reviewing that section of the Constitution and By-Laws dealing with elections so that we can move as quickly as possible to a web-based election system and electronic meetings.  Tom seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 

Elaine also pointed out that communication had improved by the re-introduction of the newsletter and the monthly conference calls for Council.  She also had a number of proposals/recommendations as the Society moves forward.  These included: 1) to standardize Committee operations and expectations with Council; 2) increase interactions with international societies, and 3) to increase our scientific visibility.  For Committee work, she suggested giving each Committee a small budget which could include some funds for efforts from headquarters on behalf of the Committee as well as funds to hold up to 2 conference calls per year.  The expectations for the Committee would be listed, and the Committee would establish a time line for their activities which would be linked to products.  Interim reports would be expected, and headquarters could track the time spent by the Committee.  M. Tassinari suggested that these changes be incorporated into the Strategic Working Groups. 

Elaine also suggested holding up to 2 conference calls per year between the Councils of international societies in an effort to identify common interests.  She also suggested that we aggressively consider a coalition with our sister societies (OTIS and NBTS).  The issue is still on the table concerning joint interactions with other societies.  K. Filkins pointed out that by more intimately combining the meetings of these three societies more clinical information could be added to the program which could influence the number and types of attendees. 

Elaine announced the Mentor Core program and provided the details on how it will work.  If possible, the videos will be shown during the banquet.  Final utilization is unknown.

Treasurer’s Report: Ida Washington presented a summary of the fiscal year 2006 Audit.  She also provided an outline of the process for identifying a new manager for the Society’s investment fund.  In the Fall/Winter of 2006 six requests for proposals were distributed.  An investment policy was drafted for consideration.  The policy was sent to three groups.  A representative from the Merrill Lynch Group, Ron Loeser, joined Council to provide an overview of their services.  M. Tassinari left the room during the discussion due to a conflict of interest. The background of their company, their services, and their approaches was provided by R. Loeser.  Several investment strategies were explained.  The discussion continued with a period for questions and answers which provided great insight for the members of Council.  Upon the conclusion of the presentation R. Loeser left the meeting and M. Tassinari returned.

Vice President’s Report: Tom Knudsen provided an overview of the meeting statistics.  It was recommended that Council review the reductions in sponsorship and registration for future meetings.  The financial success of the meeting and Society rely upon growth and it is important to monitor these items to determine if there is a trend for potential reductions in the future.  A greater effort needs to be made to nurture the sponsors and to develop new contacts.  Consideration will be given to establishing a task force to monitor and oversee the financial support received by the Society.

Strategic Planning Session Update:  Melissa Tassinari presented the Strategic Planning Session summary slide presentation.  Feedback was provided for incorporation prior to showing it to the Committee Chairpersons during Council 1B later in the evening and during the Issues Forum.  Working Groups will be assigned a committee in order to review their mission and committee structure.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.






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