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Council Meeting

Conference Call

June 16, 2005 (0900 hr - 1100hr EDT)


Attending the call were K. Jones, President; M. Tassinari, Vice President; E. Faustman, Vice President-Elect; S. Tyl, Past President; G. Dearlove, Secretary; K. Filkins, J. Graham, R. Parker, Councilors; D. Hansen, Chair, Publications Committee; T. Scialli, Chair, Public Affairs Committee; T. Masson, Executive Director.


Reviewed Action Items for Council Members to up date attendees.

Diversity Committee members will be K. Jones, M. Tassinari, E. Faustman, S. Tyl, J. Adams, A. Correa, K-W Hew, J. Wubah, W. Harrouk, B. Kelman and T. Chambers (four each from Industry and Academia and three from Government).

M. Werler has agreed to be the liaison to SPER for coordinating the Teratology Society symposium at the SPER Annual Meeting in 2006. T. Chambers and E. Faustman (Council Liaison) also represent the Society with G. Shaw and D. Savitz representing SPER. Symposium to be at start of SPER meeting in June of 2006 in Vancouver. Long range goal is to determine if the two Societies want to hold joint meetings in the future. Much discussion followed on selection of Societies to approach, moving dates of meetings, possibilities of joint meetings at one or many locations within the same city, etc. E. Faustman and M. Tassinari will continue to research the possibility of other groups working with Teratology Society to organize joint meetings.

Special Populations Committee purpose was again discussed and K. Jones will have suggested names for membership at Council I at the Annual Meeting.

M. Tassinari and Career Development Committee: A Chair is still needed. Plans currently being considered are to discuss with G. Kimmel, B. Slikker, etc. at Annual Meeting to determine if the committee will continue to function.

S. Tyl is still waiting for Council comments on the draft for the Distinguished Fellow documentation.

E. Faustman has been collecting ideas about how to address the Society Newsletter and Communications. The SOT has some interesting approaches being evaluated.

T. Scialli will present for discussion at Council I the Society position on the mechanism for producing position papers and member concerns about the contents of those papers.

D. Hansen reported that the Royalty earned from our Journal from the publisher this year will be $117,000 (the guarantee was $50,000). Electronic access issues are still unresolved – the publisher has changed representatives to the Society and communications have not improved.

T. Masson indicated that the Budget presentation was not completely revamped, that our FASEB representatives have not yet received formal invitations to address Council at the Annual Meeting (we will invite current and former members J. DeSesso, R. Filler, B. Brent J. Manson and T. Knudsen). The discussion indicated that a follow up conference call will be required after the Annual Meeting to address the issue of continued FASEB membership and possible representation of FASEB at Council as non-voting member.

Teratology Society “Certification” was discussed. OTIS has requested that we consider a process to certify their members. There was a great deal of discussion on legal implications and amounts of work required. OTIS will be requested to make a presentation at Council I-B.

IFTS membership and dues were discussed. Support of the Website has been $1200 a year. In previous years, Teratology has paid the bill and then invoiced the European and Japanese Teratology Societies for their respective thirds of the cost. Last year we only received $400 in return and the question of continued support of the website was raised and discussed. Council decided to pay the costs for support this year and to determine if a less expensive web manager could be found in the future.

Agenda for Council I and II was discussed and minor modifications were suggested.


The advanced registration for the Annual Meeting was reviewed. There are currently 325 registrants for the meeting: 100 registrants for the Education Course: 82 registrants for the Mini Course and 50 registrants for the Bioinformatics Course. Our hotel room block requirements have been met, and we have $67,800 in anticipated sponsor contributions. [There were no funds from the CDC this year, but we did receive funding from the office of Rare Disease for the first time. (details are available in the meeting handouts)] There are 64 poster presentations, 58 platform presentations, and 9 late breaking poster submissions for the meeting.


Unpaid dues lists were referenced for 2003, 2004 and 2005. All Council was asked to review and inform G. Dearlove by the Annual Meeting of people they did not want him to contact. If the individual was not identified by Council, then the Office of the Secretary will contact any person on the list to verify their desire to withdraw from the Society.


The Teratology Primer was discussed. M. Tassinari reported that 20,000 copies had been ordered to be ready for distribution to all registrants at the Annual Meeting. This will include registrants for NBTS, OTIS and BTS. Discussion followed on how to distribute to all graduate and medical students at no cost. The cost to others was determined to be $10.00 to cover the cost of printing and costs associated with storage, retrieval and shipping.


An advanced Hotel Deposit was required this year because our credit rating indicates we were slow to pay previously. There are two references and one is good, the other says slow to pay. To fix would cost over $400 and would not be guaranteed. Council voted no action on this item.

Council was asked to review the changes suggested by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for approval/discussions at the Council meeting.

Call adjourned 1115 hr. EDT.







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