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Birth Defects Research

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Journal Aims and Scope - Part A

Clinical and Molecular Teratology

The purpose of this journal is to serve as a forum for original scientific articles and commentary that contribute substantively to the elucidation of the causative factors and mechanisms leading to adverse pregnancy outcomes in the human population, including pregnancy loss, structural birth defects, and developmental disabilities. This journal will also serve as the official communication for meeting information, meeting reports and societal position papers of the Teratology Society. Specifically, research articles are sought that endeavor to:

  • describe adverse pregnancy outcomes as a function of developmental insult with environmental factors (here broadly defined), including clinical and epidemiological studies to determine important exposures, genes and pathways that underlie teratogenic effects.
  • analyze critical events in standard as well as novel animal models using modern tools of cellular or molecular biology, biochemistry and structural biology, experimental embryology and developmental physiology, genetics and genomics / proteomics / metabolomics (e.g., biomics) to define the processes of normal and abnormal development;
  • predict adverse developmental outcomes through generation, integration, and use of genomic/proteomic databases, computer simulations and modeling, and analytical contributions to the compendium for biomics in birth defects research; and
  • develop and critically evaluate approaches to the prevention of birth defects, including new approaches for risk assessment and the clinical counseling for teratogenic agents.


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