Code of Ethics


The objective of the Teratology Society is to stimulate scientific interest in and to promote the exchange of ideas and information on problems of abnormal biological development at the fundamental or clinical level. The Mission of this Society is to promote research and the exchange of ideas and research results that reveal the causes, improve the diagnosis and treatment, and prevent the occurrence of abnormal development and birth defects; to communicate that information to physicians, public health officials, concerned health advocacy and lay groups and other interested parties that promote the elimination of birth defects when possible and amelioration of them when they occur; and to provide education and training on the causes, mechanisms, treatment and prevention of birth defects.

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Teratology Society, I shall:

  1. Strive to assure credibility by conducting my work and myself with objectivity and integrity.
  2. Communicate information with potential or real health implications expeditiously and responsibly, with due regard for the significance and credibility of the available data.
  3. Present my scientific or professional judgments with full disclosure of the extent of factual support.
  4. Not allow conflict of interest to influence my judgment.
  5. Observe the spirit and letter of the laws, regulations, and ethical standards relating to the welfare of humans and animals involved in experimental or clinical procedures.
  6. Maintain high health and safety standards for the protection of my experimental subjects, co-workers, and others.
  7. Adhere to the Guidelines for Ethical Publication and Presentation of Scientific Information and Data as published in the journal.

Adherence to the Code of Ethics is a condition of membership in the Teratology Society.

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