James G. Wilson Publication Award

2017–2018 Recipient

Authors:Eric W. Fish, Laura B. Murdaugh, Kathleen K. Sulik, Kevin P. Williams, and Scott E. Parnell
“Genetic Vulnerabilities to Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Limb Defects in Sonic Hedgehog and GLI2 Heterozygous Mice”
Birth Defects Research

109:860-865, 2017
Presentation Given By: Eric W. Fish, PhD

Past Recipients


Annelise Arth, Vijaya Kancherla, Helena Pachón, Sarah Zimmerman, Quentin Johnson, Godfrey P. Oakley Jr.
“A global update on folic acid-preventable spina bifida and anencephaly”
Birth Defects Research Part A

106(7):520-529, 2014
Presentation Given By: Vjaya Kancherla, MD, PhD



Marilyn Silva, Nathalie T. Pham, Carolyn M. Lewis, Shoba Iyer, Eric S. C. Kwok, Gina M. Solomon, Lauren Zeise
"A Comparison of ToxCast Test Results with In Vivo and Other In Vitro Endpoints for Neuro, Endocrine, and Developmental Toxicities: A Case Study Using Endosulfan and Methidathion"
Birth Defects Research Part B
Presentation Given By: Marilyn H. Silva, PhD, DABT



Rodney Dietert, Ph.D.
The Microbiome in Early Life: Self-Completion and Microbiota Protection As Health Priorities.”
Birth Defects Research Part B 101(4):333-340, 2014



Lorraine M. Posobiec, Robert L. Clark, Paul B. Bushdid, Susan B. Laffan, Kai-Fen Wang, Tacey E. K. White
“Dihydroartemisinin (DHA) Treatment Causes an Arrest of Cell Division and Apoptosis in Rat Embryonic Erythroblasts in Whole Embryo Culture.”
Birth Defects Research Part B 98(6):445-458, 2013

Presentation Given By: Lorraine Posobiec



Dae Seok Eom, Smita Amarnath, Jennifer L. Fogel, Seema Agarwala
“Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Regulate Hinge Point Formation during Neural Tube Closure by Dynamic Modulation of Apicobasal Polarity”
Birth Defects Research Part A 94(10): 804-816, 2012

Presentation Given By: Seema Agarwala


George R. Flentke, Ana Garic, Ed Amberger, Marcos Hernandez, Susan M. Smith
“Calcium-Mediated Repression of b-Catenin and Its Transcriptional Signaling Mediates Neural Crest Cell Death in an Avian Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Birth Defects Research Part A 91(7):591-602, 2011

Presentation Given By: Susan M. Smith


Maxence Vieux-Rochas, Kamal Bouhali, Sabrina Baudry, Anastasia Fontaine, Laurent Coen, Giovanni Levi. “Irreversible Effects of Retinoic Acid Pulse on Xenopus Jaw Morphogenesis: New Insight into Cranial Neural Crest Specification.” Birth Defects Research, Part B 89:493-503 (2010)

Presentation Given By: Maxence Vieux-Rochas


J. Michael Salbaum, Richard H. Finnell, Claudia Kappen. “Regulation of Folate Receptor 1 Gene Expression in the Visceral Endoderm.” Birth Defects Research, Part A 85:303-313 (2009)

Presentation Given By: J. Michael Salbaum


Julia M. Gohlke, William C. Griffith, Elaine M. Faustman. “Computational Models of Ethanol-induced Neurodevelopmental Toxicity Across Species: Implications for Risk Assessment.” Birth Defects Research, Part B 83:1-11 (2008)

Presentation Given By: Julia M. Gohlke


Hirohito Shimizu, Grace S. Lee, Sudheer R. Beedanagari, Michael D. Collins. “Altered Localization of Gene Expression in Both Ectoderm and Mesoderm is Associated with a Murine Strain Difference in Retinoic Acid-Induced Forelimb Ectrodactyly.” Birth Defects Research, Part A 79:465-482 (2007)

Presentation Given By: Hirohito Shimizu


Claudine P. Torfs, Roberta E. Christianson, David M. Iovannisci, Gary M. Shaw, Edward J. Lammer. "Selected Gene Polymorphisms and their Interaction with Maternal Smoking, as Risk Factors for Gastroschisis." Birth Defects Research, Part A 76:723-730 (2006)

Presentation Given By: Claudine P. Torfs


Diana M. Juriloff, Muriel J. Harris, Sarah L. Dewell, Carolyn J. Brown, Dixie L. Mager, Liane Gagnier, Diana G. Mah. "Investigations of the Genomic Region That Contains the clf1 Mutation, a Causal Gene in Multifactorial Cleft Lip and Palate in Mice." Birth Defects Research, Part A 73:103-113 (2005)

Presentation Given By: Diana M. Juriloff


Karen A. Augustine-Rauch, Qin J. Zhang, Jennifer L. Leonard, Antony Chadderton, Michael J. Welsh, Harshard K. Rami, Mervyn Thompson, Laramie Gaster, Patrick J. Wier. "Evidence for a Molecular Mechanism of Teratogenicity of SB-236057, a 5-HT1B Receptor Inverse Agonist that Alters Axial Formation." Birth Defects Research, Part A 70:789-807 (2004)

Presentation Given By: Karen A. Augustine-Rauch


Luisa S. Tang, Richard H. Finnell. "Neural and Orofacial Defects in Folbp1 Knockout Mice." Birth Defects Research, Part A 67:209-218 (2003)

Presentation Given By: Luisa S. Tang

Michael F. O'Hara, Jeffrey H. Charlap, Robert C. Craig, Thomas B. Knudsen. "Mitochondrial Transduction of Ocular Teratogenesis During Methylmercury Exposure." Teratology 65:131-144 (2002)

Presentation Given By: Michael F. O'Hara


Diana M. Juriloff, Teresa M. Gunn, Muriel  J. Harris, Diana G. Mah, Mona K. Wu, Sarah L. Dewell. "Multifactorial Genetics of Exencephaly in SELH/Bc Mice." Teratology 64:189-200 (2001)

Presentation Given By: Diana M. Jurloff

Jennifer L. Ingram, Christopher J. Stodgell, Susan L. Hyman, Denise A. Figlewicz, Lowell R. Weitkamp, Patricia M. Rodier. "Discovery of Allelic Variants of HOXA1 and HOXB1: Genetic Susceptibility to Autism Spectrum Disorders." Teratology 62:393-405 (2000)

Presentation Given By: C. J. Stodgell and P. M. Rodier


Johanna C. Craig, Gregory D. Bennett, Rajesh C. Miranda, Scott A. Mackler, Richard H. Finnell.. "Ribonucleotide Reductase Subunit R1: A Gene Conferring Sensitivity to Valproic Acid-Induced Neural Tube Defects in Mice." Teratology 61:305-313 (2000)

Presentation Given By: Gregory Bennett in Dr. Finnell's absence

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